Driving net zero – is Agritech ready to capture carbon?

by Simon Jordan | Mar 10, 2021

The regulatory and subsidy systems underpinning farming are changing radically as public attention turns to pressing imperatives such as net zero, soil health and farm nature value. In this indispensable report, Simon Jordan reveals how modern techniques – proven in other industries – can be combined with modern data science to measure overall carbon uptake in an economically viable way.

Download the paper below to explore the expected transition from the traditional agricultural balance sheet to payments based on outcomes. One of which could be carbon sequestration – accomplished by changes to farming practices.

Crucial to the carbon market is the chain of trust. If I buy an offset credit, do I know that the carbon has really been buried, and can I be sure that it wouldn’t have happened anyway?  Most of the technology to support this is already in existence. But as Simon explains, it will be a combination of science and engineering which will link these elements in a trustworthy way.

Download the full report below.

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