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Human Machine Understanding – bringing together industry and academic perspectives

September 15

We’re excited to be organising a workshop at top academic conference Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction, in Glasgow, UK, this September 2024.

This is a forum to bring in industry and academic perspectives on what it takes to bring Human Machine Understanding (text hyperlinked to our webpage) technology from lab to life. Through discussions around the themes of ethics and regulations, industry perspectives, and academic perspectives, we will highlight key challenges on both sides that can be resolved collaboratively.

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From Lab to Life: Realising the Potential of Affective Computing

Machine capabilities are on the rise. New advances in AI and Robotics have enabled the creation of ever more competent artificial systems that have the potential to contribute to various types of human activities. However, for this potential to result in a step-change in how humans and machines interact and work with each other, machines also need to be competent at understanding their human counterparts. How can task-competent machines become competent teammates, assistants, and companions for human users? How can technology make sense of human behaviour, responses, and experiences?



Principal Behavioural Scientist for Human Machine Understanding | View profile

Michelle's focus is on the intersection between psychology and technology. Her passion is in developing emotionally intelligent technology, human-machine teaming, and real-time adaptative systems to support humans in a wide range of sectors.

Head of Human-Machine Understanding | View profile

Ali leads a team of specialists in AI, Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences to create next generation systems that can truly understand and support users in dynamic, strenuous environments.

Senior Affective Computing Engineer | View profile

Emma is a senior affective computing engineer who uses her knowledge of psychology, cognitive science and computer science to create adaptive and empathetic systems.


September 15


University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, Scotland G12 8QQ

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