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Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Packaging & Delivery 2024

September 23 - September 24

The ‘Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Packaging & Delivery’ 2024 conference, Mapping the Future of Net Zero Packaging & Supply Chains, is a conference aimed at putting sustainability at the center of the pharmaceutical industry. Achieving sustainability in packaging and across supply chains is one of the biggest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, currently one of the world’s largest producers of post-consumer waste. But big challenges also present rich opportunities for those equipped to seize them. This two-day conference brings together leading experts and stakeholders, to share ideas and best practices in exceeding your organization’s sustainability goals.

Deploying LifeCycle Assessment (LCA) Into Combination Product Development

Date/Time TBC
Speaker: Charlie Dean, Head of Sustainable Medical Technology

Conducting environmental impact assessments on drug combination products can be time consuming and costly. This talk showcases how to deploy LCA in an effective manner, to generate the most valuable insights at the right time with the least effort. Starting with the use of screening lifecycle assessments to lead into more detailed targeted and comprehensive LCAs focused on the areas of greatest environmental impact.
Key takeaways include:

  • Using a body-worn injector case study to demonstrate a methodical and systematic approach to sustainable device development
  • Scaling LCA rigor to match product development stages
  • Generating insights to effectively navigate trade-offs

Sustainability Strategies for Injectables: Designing for the Circular Economy

Date/Time TBC
Henry Blower, Principal Mechanical Engineer

Management of medical waste is a significant challenge for the healthcare industry, and this is particularly relevant for injected therapies. With the majority of waste still being incinerated or sent to landfill, there is an ever-increasing pressure on the industry to divert waste to more sustainable end-of-life processing options. This talk discusses the various end-of-life options, such as recycling, remanufacturing, and reuse and how to choose the appropriate option for a given product.
Key takeaways include:

  • Making sense of the circular economy for combination products
  • Achieving significant reductions in environmental impact through design for product end-of-life
  • Designing products for commercially viable waste management methods
Head of Sustainable Medical Technology | View profile

Driving change in Sustainable Medical Technology to meet the ambitions of the healthcare sector.

Principal Mechanical Engineer | View profile

Henry Blower is a Principal Mechanical Engineer specialising in medical product development and leading mechanical design activities. Henry is a sustainability lead and has a strong interest in sustainable device development.


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