From stratospheric antennas to implantable bio-sensors, from the thermodynamics of carbon capture to quantum technology and AI-designed biology, we use deep tech to challenge and change the status quo.

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The Edge Singapore, Miles Upton

Keys to becoming quantum-safe – The Edge

The rise of quantum computing may soon enable us to solve complex real-world issues like the climate crisis and drug discovery more quickly. However, quantum computers could also cause havoc as they can compromise existing cryptographic systems, putting secure communications ...
Tech Monitor, Carolina Sanchez

House of Lords AI report condemns UK government for AI safety focus – Tech Monitor

Dr. Carolina Sanchez, senior assurance technologist responded to the House of Lords comment that the UK is at risk of falling behind on AI because of its narrow focus on safety ...
TechUK, Madeline Cheah

Transcending boundaries; the future of national security – TechUK

The future for national security is transdisciplinary. No single discipline can hope to solve all the complex, multifaceted challenges alone. Transdisciplinary is a particularly apposite term here, in that it encompasses not just the knowledge drawn from different disciplines, but ...
Building empathy into human-machine interaction

Building empathy into human-machine interaction

One of the biggest challenges we face as deep tech innovators is building empathy into AI-enabled human-machine interactions. So, what is an empathetic machine and why is it? ...
Sky News, Dr Maya Dillon

AI Safety Summit: What’s going to happen at the first major global meeting on artificial intelligence? – Sky News

Dr Maya Dillon, head of AI at Cambridge Consultants, spoke to Sky News ahead of the summit saying it’s “a great opportunity" for the UK to take a leading role in setting the tone for AI development globally ...
Quantum technology needs Deep [tech] Thinking

Quantum technology needs Deep [tech] Thinking

The time to start planning your roadmap to commercial quantum adoption is now. Where to start? Read our exclusive report ...
Bloomberg, Dr Maya Dillon

Sunak Embraces Musk for AI Summit as World Looks Elsewhere – Bloomberg

Dr Maya Dillon, head of AI at Cambridge Consultants, spoke to Sky News ahead of the summit saying it’s “a great opportunity" for the UK to take a leading role in setting the tone for AI development globally ...
Information Age, Madeline Cheah

Keys to effective cybersecurity threat monitoring – Information Age

Madeline Cheah, Cyber Security Specialist, explained that there are two main challenge categories are at play across cybersecurity threat monitoring in today’s digital business world ...
Dr Maya Dillon, AI Business

UK PM Sunak Urges Balanced Rules on AI, Invites China to Summit – AI Business

Dr Maya Dillon, Head of AI commented, “The AI revolution isn't merely about leveraging a tool; it's about sculpting a future where business prosperity and societal welfare are inseparably intertwined. Collaboration is a must." ...

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