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19th December 2018

最近発売されたApple Watch Series 4は、従来の消費者向け製品企業がデバイスを開発し、患者向け医療機器市場に大々的に参入した最新事例です。患者向けデバイスには・・・

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Revolutionising clinical trials: creating a reliable and non-invasive stress monitoring system

28th November 2018

The rising cost of clinical trials (CTs), coupled with the commercial risks of failure, mean it’s increasingly important to harness the power of real-world data to inform effective trial designs, better understand outcomes and maximise the likelihood of clinical success...

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Current progress with the Digital Health Software Pre-Cert Program

19th July 2018

The FDA is changing what is regulated and what not, and how.  New openings are arising out of the shift in this line.  In additional, medical devices are no longer just ‘devices’; Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is a whole...

  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Digital health
  • Product realisation

Liquid biopsy: current and future utility

15th May 2018

To understand the current usage and future potential of liquid biopsy, we brought together experts from a range of disciplines to answer the following question: What is the current and future clinical utility of liquid biopsy based testing in oncology?

  • Innovation management
  • Strategic advice

Finding bugs fast: microbial testing for cell and gene therapy

13th April 2018

I’ve just got back to the office from a very interesting workshop looking to address the challenge of delivering rapid microbial testing in cell and gene products...

  • Sensing
  • Synthetic biology

Informed consent and data protection

2nd March 2018

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will become law in May requires users to give consent for the collection of their sensitive personal data through a formal agreement rather than an assumption of...

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Developing diagnostics and PoC equipment – project management and systems engineering

16th November 2016

In this series of blogs about systems engineering we have covered five key elements so far: 1) Understanding and analysis of project requirements; 2) Functional analysis, and system architecture definition; 3) Design...


7 criteria that could define the commercial success of a POC test

12th October 2016

The development of point-of-care (POC) devices is probably one of the most challenging endeavours a medical device developer will face.

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Fourier transform spectrometer: high throughput dPCR and picodroplet analysis

1st August 2016

dPCR is a well-established and powerful technique but there remains a need to reduce the read time for the very large, multispectral droplet count necessary for serial measurement. This applies particularly...

  • Fluids & thermodynamics
  • Optics