It is Cambridge Consultants’ policy to behave ethically in all its business dealings. Cambridge Consultants employees are expected to meet the following ethical standards and aspirations.

Ethical behaviour – Cambridge Consultants expects all of its employees to adhere to high ethical standards and to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility in performing their jobs. The company requires its employees to deal with everyone and especially clients in an open, professional and equitable manner.

Respect for people – Cambridge Consultants is committed to providing a working environment free from discrimination and harassment. Employees at all levels are expected to act with respect and civility towards their co-workers, clients and others. We support the laws on the elimination of forced labour, compulsory labour, child labour and shall not be complicit in any human rights abuses.

Truth, honesty and integrity – Cambridge Consultants requires its employees to be truthful and honest in all their business dealings and to ensure business records are true and accurate. The company shall not be complicit in any unethical behaviour.

Professionalism – Professional advice must be provided with due regard to the standards of skill and integrity expected and employees must strive to ensure they do not misrepresent a balanced evaluation of the fundamental facts. Cambridge Consultants requires its employees to act honourably, responsibly and lawfully and to uphold the reputation and dignity of their profession.

Compliance with law – Every employee, contractor and agent must conduct themselves in a lawful manner and strictly comply with all laws, regulatory requirements and policies applicable to the company. Every employee, contractor and agent shall neither give nor accept any advantage aimed at a person conducting their duties improperly. We shall comply with all applicable export control laws before transferring goods or information across international borders. Cambridge Consultants shall not retaliate against employees who exercise their rights under whistle-blower legislation.

Environment and workplace safety – Cambridge Consultants is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees, neighbours, clients and all those affected by its business. The company also strives to minimise its impact on the environment and to reduce its energy consumption. The company’s environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001. Any hazardous materials must be managed in compliance with applicable law.

Conflicts of interest – Cambridge Consultants aims to act in a professional manner and provide advice to clients based upon their best interests and free from undue influence. We shall not use client confidential information to which we have privileged access for improper purposes.

Commitment to quality – Cambridge Consultants strives to do each project right first time, on time and to meet client expectations. We work to our policies, procedures and national standards as required by the certifications we have earned, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Information security – Cambridge Consultants manages both company and client confidential information in a professional manner and is informed by the best practices of ISO 27001. Access to confidential information is restricted to those who have a need to know and such information is retained in compliance with the laws on data protection and the protection of government sensitive information.

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