Client to employee career move: Could this be you?

by Jennifer Gomez | Feb 22, 2023

When making a career move during the pandemic, I wondered whether it would be a risky decision during a time of such uncertainty. This fear was almost instantly swept away when I started working at Cambridge Consultants. My time at CC is flying by and having been a part of the consulting team for almost three years now, it’s been great to work with some fantastic consumer brands and companies. However, before I plunge into the details of my role, let’s talk about where my career journey started.

I have always been a brand and strategy person with one of my first jobs being at the renowned brand-led company Colgate-Palmolive. I ultimately focused on innovation and ended up heading the development of the company’s first smart, connected devices, and the digital platform to support and commercialise them.

My direct experience with Cambridge Consultants came via the early exploration of the connected device opportunity for the oral health market sector. I partnered with CC to understand both what could be built and how to do it. I think it’s honest to say that I was always a happy client.

When I first joined Colgate-Palmolive I only planned to stay for a short period of time, but this soon turned into over 15 years, including four international moves and a journey through a wide range of roles. When I knew it was time to embark on my next career adventure, that’s when I welcomed the opportunity to join CC.

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I always had a positive impression of the company culture at CC, as well as the quality of people and the cutting-edge nature of its work. I felt confident that I would not only find the job stimulating and challenging, but that CC would be a good fit for me personally.

A day in the life of my job role consists of working with clients who are pushing their business to further the boundaries of innovation and to help determine the strategy, business case and details behind each opportunity. Most of the organisations I work with have been in business since well before the digital revolution and are seeking to launch new digital platforms and business opportunities. My background at Colgate-Palmolive helps to draw in on real-world experience for their benefit.

There are many advantages to having been client-side before moving to the consultancy world. It is easy to have empathy with a client on their challenges and day to day experiences. For example, I worked with a multinational conglomerate who wanted to improve their success rate in turning scientific research into commercial opportunities. I have experienced the challenge that this type of culture-shift creates, so by collaborating with their senior management, we outlined options that fit their organisation and helped them define their ambition. I was able to provide a different perspective and appropriately confront their way of thinking. This helped me to ensure that what I was delivering would be most useful and impactful for their business.

The main challenge of my role is switching my brain from a project in one sector to one in another. It makes every day interesting, as it not only enables me to learn new things but allows me to have an insight into the future of technology.

I am constantly impressed by the things people invent at CC, the wide variety of work alongside the types of challenges that are faced, and the way problems are solved. The friendly and inclusive environment makes Cambridge Consultants a great organisation to develop your career in. I would say this has been an excellent career move!

If you’re currently client side and want to know what it would be like to have a change in career like I did, then take a look at our current vacancies: Careers | Cambridge Consultants.

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