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AI, Law and Ethics 101

May 14

Join us for an evening on the legal and ethical issues around using Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in your business. The event will cover a broad range of topics, including intellectual property issues and AI regulation, and ways to potentially engineer or design around these issues.

We are delighted to bring you, by popular demand, an event all about the legal and ethical issues around using Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning in your business or commercializing your AI / ML products. The event will cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Intellectual property issues – e.g. Can you patent AI models? Can you patent the output of a generative AI model, and who owns that output? Are you allowed to use the outputs of a third party’s open-access model in your business? Who owns the output if you build a model but train it using a third party’s data?
  • Regulation around AI – e.g. how might the EU AI Act impact commercializing your AI/ML? How do data privacy laws impact the training of AI models?
  • Engineering or designing around the regulation – are there technical ways to mitigate these legal and ethical issues?

The event is suitable for anyone who may be using AI or ML in their businesses. If you are using or considering using open-access models like ChatGPT to generate content, analyse data, or identify potential R&D avenues to explore, you will find this event useful. Similarly, if you are developing your own AI/ML tools, you will learn about things to think about before you commercialize the tools. The event is targeted at anyone working in science and technology in industry or academia, and specifically, not just those developing AI technologies, but also those working in healthtech, medtech, and AI-aided innovation.


29 Milton Road, Cambridge Science Park
英国ケンブリッジ, Cambridgeshire CB4 0DW United Kingdom