Computing has changed the story of all of our lives, but humanity is poised to begin a new chapter. The commercial implications of the coming changes in computing technology are vast – and now is the time to engage with the possibilities and opportunities.

In this comprehensive CC Innovation Briefing, our multidisciplinary team unpacks the new computing technologies, evaluates potential use cases and throws light on the new commercial horizon. We discuss the problems of current computing technology, and look ahead to novel silicon architectures as well as quantum, biological, photonic and neuromorphic computing.

The paper focuses on three take aways:

  • Novel computing technologies will ultimately make the seemingly impossible possible – achieving step changes in performance, cost and power consumption along the way
  • Future technologies will serve specific applications and classical computing will not be replaced. Instead, a hybrid future will emerge, blending novel silicon architectures and neuromorphic, photonic, biological and quantum computing
  • If you identify the capabilities that match your business goals, you’ll be able to unlock huge value by exploiting the new technology’s benefits for your organisation – in terms of both their technical performance and business value

Silicon is being stretched to its limits. Many computational problems remain intractable. And the sustainability imperative is changing everything. The future of computing is near – you can start to get to grips with it by downloading our report.


Associate Director, Technology Strategy, Applied Science and Consulting | お問い合わせ

Heidi helps clients across industry and government make informed strategic decisions grounded in both market and technology understanding, with a particular focus on horizon scanning, artificial intelligence, semiconductors and quantum technologies.

Head of Semiconductor Capability | お問い合わせ

Aidong holds over 30 years’ experience across diverse industries, including with some of the leading semiconductor companies.

Associate Director and Hardware Department Leader | お問い合わせ

Bryan holds over 30 years’ experience in the development of electronics, FPGAs, and ASICs and has 15 patents in telecommunications and processor architecture.

Technology Strategy Consultant | お問い合わせ

Sara joined CC in 2022 as a Technology Strategy Consultant after completing her masters.

Senior Vice President, Client | お問い合わせ

Jez is a member of the Wireless and Digital Services leadership team with global responsibility for market sectors, client partnerships, commercial strategy, and development.

Senior Technology Strategy Analyst | お問い合わせ

George conducts research and provides advisory services on emerging technologies to help clients understand the trends impacting their business to inform investment decisions and business strategy.

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