Building a quantum future with Nu Quantum

作者 エドムンド オーウェン | Jun 4, 2024

Quantum technology promises solutions to problems that are impossible to solve today and create applications we haven’t even thought of yet. At CC, we’re actively working to unlock the promise of quantum, exploring how the technology can make a real impact on our daily lives and create scalable commercial value.

To continue advancing quantum technology and deliver this value, quantum systems will need to move beyond carefully controlled lab conditions managed by PhD+ level experts. Instead, quantum systems need to become autonomous, working within highly interconnected distributed quantum computing clusters that can self-manage complex operations.

This is the goal CC and Nu Quantum are working to achieve.

Navigating the quantum landscape

First, let’s make one thing clear: quantum isn’t going to happen overnight. It won’t suddenly be easily available and ready to solve impossible problems tomorrow. Yet, as we laid out in our quantum report, Quantum technology needs [deep] tech thinking, those who jump onboard with quantum now will enjoy remarkable business value in the long term.

But in the pursuit of quantum technologies, the path forward is not without its challenges. To reach its full potential, infrastructure and business processes will need to change dramatically. For one, data centres will need to be radically redesigned to ensure conventional computing resources can integrate seamlessly with quantum computers.

This is a key gap in the quantum market that CC’s innovative client Nu Quantum is working to solve. By bringing quantum technology into a data centre environment, their work will show how quantum can be used in a tangible commercial environment.

Out of the lab thinking with Nu Quantum

3D render of Nu Quantum’s modular Quantum Networking Unit

Nu Quantum is a pioneering start-up in a growing quantum ecosystem developing the solutions and technology needed for a quantum future. With the backing of Innovate UK, Nu Quantum started the LYRA project to develop a world-first modular Quantum Networking Unit for data centre environments. The project’s goal is to build a network capable of connecting disparate quantum processing units and massively scale the size of quantum computers for researchers and private companies.

Nu Quantum have been working to develop a Quantum Networking Unit to connect and integrate quantum computers for several years. As with most quantum research, this has been primarily scientific development work undertaken in controlled laboratory conditions and calibrated by PhD level experts. This is where the LYRA project differs from what’s come before. The project will actively advance quantum towards widespread use to where it can work autonomously, with self-calibration and test routines to stabilise the system for continuous operation. In other words, the LYRA project aims to take quantum out of the lab and show its operating potential in data centre environments. This will mark a crucial step in Nu Quantum’s vision for commercialisation and the development of efficient, scalable and integrated quantum computers.

How a deep tech mindset propels quantum readiness

Within the LYRA project, CC is responsible for developing the “optical module” – a key component of the system – and mitigating against factors which will affect performance such as vibrations, self-heating, stray and ambient light. This task draws on CC’s deep technological understanding gained through our strategic investment in quantum technology, along with our more traditional strengths around technological innovation.

Whilst achieving optimal performance is one of the key driving influences in quantum technology development today, many solutions do not account for the challenges which will be encountered when scaling up these systems and deploying them commercially. Bringing an engineering mindset will ensure that the riskiest development challenges are addressed early, shortening the time taken to bring quantum technologies to market.

We’re helping our clients unravel the potential of this new technology, offering realistic timelines for development, advice on how to capitalise on this opportunity and roadmaps that distinguish the reality of quantum from the hype. Meanwhile, CC’s practical engineering experience in developing cutting edge deep technologies lets us take an active role in quantum development to make quantum technologies a scalable, commercial possibility sooner.

The bottom line is this: investing in quantum now means positioning yourself at the forefront of technological innovation, putting you ahead of the competitors and ready to capitalise on the transformative potential of quantum computing and networking. To shape the future of quantum technology and unlock its vast possibilities, the time to act is now.

Reach out to hear more about how CC’s deep tech thinking is making quantum computing a reality.


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