Precision spraying and biologicals – driving collaboration

作者 ニール モトラムFrances Jones | Mar 19, 2024

As regulations make the use of synthetic chemical-based crop protection products increasingly difficult, biologicals are set to address the need for more environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. If products in this broad category are to be successful and adopted more widely, disruptive changes will probably be necessary across the value chain.

To explore some of these changes, Cambridge Consultants and AgriTechE took soundings from across the industry. We challenged representatives from global businesses across the industry to consider the future production, formulation, transportation and application of biologicals on-farm, and at scale.

A series of roundtable conversations with key stakeholders – including developers of active ingredients, product formulators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and agronomists – aimed to identify the common needs, challenges and potential routes to solutions that benefit all.

Representing the agrichemical providers, formulators and agronomists were thought leaders from BASF, Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta, Corteva Agriscience, Croda and Hutchinsons. Their peers in equipment and machinery were represented by Garford UK, John Deere and Saga Robotics.

Our report details the outcome of those discussions, as our contributors considered the use of a wide range of different biological products, with a core focus on biological crop protection products, reflecting the position of regulators, retailers, growers and the public.

The report’s conclusions cover the need for greater collaboration, communication and education across the industry, as well as practical improvements at the point of application, equipment innovation, regulation and more. Download your copy below.



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