Towards 2040 – a vision for ophthalmology

作者 Luis Diaz-Santanaアンドリュー サバレーゼ | Jun 8, 2023

A select group of thought leaders gathered at Cape Cod, by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The special clarity of light that characterizes the Massachusetts peninsula put their ambition into sharp focus. They were there to collaborate, to challenge conventional thinking, and ultimately to shape a realistic vision for the future of ophthalmology.

The gathering did not disappoint. The energy sparked by so many influential thinkers in the same room – all focused on a shared objective – fueled forceful debate. There was a clear dissatisfaction with the status quo. There was a common ground on what future home screening and diagnosis might look like. And there were imaginative ideas on how post-triage patient care might evolve.

The host of the workshop – CC’s Luis Diaz-Santana – presented three bold visions for eyecare in 2040. The concepts were deliberately far reaching. In a series of team and breakout sessions, the expert guests began to hone those ideas towards a consensus.

In June 2023, the findings of the workshop were published in a significant Cambridge Consultants report: ‘Towards 2040 – a vision for the future of ophthalmology’. In detail, the report documents how the participants explored the opportunities for change and began to create solutions. It examines the potential of three key strands of innovation – AI, cell and gene therapy and sustainability. It also begins to outline a roadmap for the future that is radical but realistic. At its core is a shared vision to improve eyecare for society – allied with an urgent imperative to drive change through closer collaboration.

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