Ambitious organisations are looking to UAS services to unlock new business value. The big challenge is to refine your operational use case and to address key technical and regulatory factors.

We’re ready to deliver technology breakthroughs at a rapid pace to help innovators perform sophisticated UAS missions. CC has a proven track record in autonomy, satellite, and beyond-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone systems, reinforced by our in-house expertise across communication, AI, sensors and system engineering. These capabilities combined allow us to design and build digital services that deliver immense value from UAS payloads.

How we help you

Scaling UAS services

Scaling UAS services to operate over longer distances and challenging environments – while performing highly complex tasks to the highest safety standards – is central to propelling new use cases. Regulations are often a limiting factor.

We help UAS service providers develop strategies, technologies and digital platforms that scale UAS services. This includes deep expertise within key associated areas, including:

  • Understanding UAS users, regulators and technology
  • Diverse communications, including 5G private networks for urban environments and satcoms for BVLOS
  • AI, autonomy and human factors
  • Systems engineering for large systems
  • Devices and sensors e.g., radar (including SWAP optimisation)
  • Digital services, service strategy and development
  • Security, safety and assurance
  • Positioning techniques e.g., 5G, GNSS

High stakes, big rewards

We’ll work alongside you at every stage of the UAS innovation cycle. From exploring new business opportunities and selecting the optimal technology path to engineering entirely new autonomous UAS systems at scale and accelerating your delivery times, we are well used to dealing in high-stake ventures that bring big rewards.

UAS ecosystem development

The complex UAS ecosystem requires close alignment to realise its vast potential. Our big-picture thinking supports all parts of the UAS ecosystem, including counter-drone applications.

By understanding future market developments and technology evolution, we can steer ambitious new services. We can help:

  • UAS Service providers to develop their overall mission design and realisation of value in the service operation – from inspection services to passenger transport
  • Air traffic management (ATM) providers understand the future developments for drones and new airspace users
  • Uncrewed aircraft system traffic management (UTM) companies with automation and the development of digital services and systems
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with sensor development for monitoring airspace, including radar

Why CC?

We are not your average technology consultants. We’ll work alongside you at every stage of the innovation cycle… exploring new business opportunities, selecting the optimal technology path and advancing the state-of-the-art in deep tech to engineer entirely new wireless and digital systems at scale.

The payoff – our clients bring to market technologies and services with world-leading performance that open lucrative new markets.

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